Biotin overdose

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Biotin is a form of a Vitamin B-complex supplements that are essential in the formation of glucose and fatty acids, which aids the production of energy in our body. Biotin is also needed in the metabolic process of our body, which both amino acids and carbohydrates will be metabolize into enzymes will helps us maintain enough energy into running our day-day to activities.

Simply said, Biotin is needed in the cells of our body in maintaining the overall health of our body. However most of us need not worry the possibilities of Biotin deficiency, as eating a well balanced diet most certainly would nourish and therefore lower the chances of Biotin deficiency. However the symptoms of Biotin deficiency should be observed meticulously such as hair loss, brittle nails, low metabolism and muscular pains. Although Biotin deficiency isn’t common as it can be found in a well stapled diet, one should know that being Biotin-deficient for a prolonged time could lead to skin rash, hair loss, and high cholesterol and heart problems.

Biotin overdose

Being the opposite of Biotin deficiency, Biotin overdose must not be taken lightly as well, especially when Biotin supplements are available for sales at Over-The-Counter (OTC) pharmacies and drug stores. According to the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for the intake of vitamins and other nutrients, an adult’s daily dosage should be around 20-30 micrograms, where else young children should limit their intake between 5-12 micrograms a day. As the usage of Biotin does vary, so does the intake of Biotin as well.

However, concerns on health issues pertaining towards Biotin overdose have been linked to individual with “health risk” issues such as pregnant women, people with kidney or liver problems and also people with a history of seizures. All of which, should have their Biotin intake under the supervision of a medical or health practitioner.

Before knowing whether someone is experiencing an overdose of Biotin, one must observe its physical symptoms. However, to date researches have yet to obtain concrete evidence that suggest any symptoms that are attributable towards Biotin overdose. In addition to that, a slight Biotin overdose will not likely cause any serious health implications as the excess Biotin the body can be filtered through the liver and flushed out of the system as urea. The difficulty in ascertaining the side effects of Biotin overdose presents the fact that side effects can only be seen after one have been taking Biotin supplements for a long period of time.

Ultimately, the lack of evidence on the overdose of Biotin may well suggest that prevention is better than cure, and one should choose to be on the safe side by following the recommended Biotin intake based on the RDA. More so, prescribed Biotin supplements must be taken according to avoid deficiencies and overdose.

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  1. Biotin: What You Should Know About This Popular Supplement Says:

    […] been writing about the use of biotin in hair growth, but overdose of excessive biotin intake could lead to other side effects. Before we go in this, we need to know what actually biotin […]

  2. Sarah Says:

    If there are no symptoms of biotin overdose, how can we ascertain that an overdose has occurred?

  3. winson Says:

    Please consult your doctor or nutritionist on how to monitor the level of overdose.

  4. Whimsical Says:

    This is only concluding that an overdose of Biotin can ‘possibly’ be evident. It doesn’t state what the effects may be nor if an overdose can be strong to cause any alteration of physical attributes despite what the nutritionists recommend.

    You can pretty much sum up this hypothesis by saying, “Don’t overdose or something will go wrong,” as a moral result rather than a scientific approach of Biotin.

    It’s not even stating what would happen. It’s just saying that if it does happen – seeing that “overdosing” is always a bad thing to the body – it’s not going to do the body justice.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I take 5000mcg of biotin in addition to what is in my Vit B complex vitamins 50mcg. I am not overdosed…this is the dose that helps me the most…gives circulation in my fingers/toes. I have MS.

  6. Ann Says:

    In order to get my fingernails back to normal (they were soft, yet brittle, and would split both longitudinally and horizontally), I have to take 10g of biotin. However, rather than having improved hair, I think I may be losing hair. Does anyone know of a STUDY of the results of taking high doses of biotin?

  7. winson Says:

    Maybe you want to refer to my other posts on

  8. jasz Says:

    I wanna use this baddd. It sounds supper good(:

  9. Keith Channer Says:

    I took 1000 mcg daily and started having lower back problems even though i stopped taking it i’m sure biotin caused it because i didn’t have the pain prior to taking it

  10. Keith Says:

    has anyone else put there taking 1000mcg or more and experienced this?

  11. April Says:

    I have not, but I have just started taking it..

  12. Carie Says:

    I have been taking 10,000 mcg and am beginning to correlate it with minor chest pain not unsimilar to heart burn. I am still experimenting with whether the biotin is the cause but i have never had this pain prior and now it is chronic since i began taking it about a month ago. I have an appointment with my physician in a week and I will bring this up with him. good luck.

  13. Naomi A Says:

    So how many micro grams are in 1 tablet? I’m 12 and I’m a model. my agency wants me to grow my hair at least 4 inches by the end of September 2012. It is nearly June 2012. Well biotin be a good solution for me? Would it make me fatter? How can I NOT break out or get side effects that will effectively harm my skin when taking biotin? Please help!

  14. April Says:

    Biotin should help, and it improves your skin too. I don’t know if it will make you fatter or not.. I am taking a over the counter drug of 1000 mcg. The bottle says to take one tablet a day with food. I am personally trying to make my hair grow longer because it will stop at one length no matter what. But I don’t think I have a deficiency, just craving longer hair. Good luck. Try to ask your doctor and see what he/she says. =)

  15. shaun Says:

    At age 12 you should be careful not to be underweight either as it will cause you to have health problems in the future. Hair grows an average of 4-8 inches a year depending on the person.

    Biotin is good for growing hair and nails but it also has a tendency to speed up your metabolism as well so make sure you eat right so that you don’t end up loosing any weight that you shouldn’t.

    Each bottle of biotin i have looked at has different dosage most otc have about 1000mg in them, consider cutting them in half or in quarters to start with and see how it affects your body, then build up the dosage to what is comfortable for you. Also talk to your nutritionist, they will be able to tell you exactly what you should need.

  16. madison Says:

    I decided to start taking Biotin right before my birthday (august) last year (im 22). I read that you should slowly increase your intake so I decided to split the pills I had in half (BIG MISTAKE I THINK). I took about 2 or 3 days of pills. On my birthday I woke up at 5 am with the most horrible stomach pains but I couldn’t go to the washroom so I called the health phone line to speak to a nurse. As I was speaking too her I started to have trouble breathing (never had this before), wheezing. She kept speaking too me for half an hour and finally the wheezing went away and I could breathe (one of the scariest things thats ever happened too me). I told her about the biotin and she said that’s possibly what was causing me problems. Anyways, my entire birthday my stomach hurt SOOOOOOOO much :( it hurt for like 2 days. So I decided to never take Biotin again and I havent had a problem since.

    If you’re going to take biotin please talk to your doctor, I only talked to a pharmacist who didnt know anything, or please just try and take better care of your hair naturally or take a multi vitamin with biotin in it. BE CAREFUL.

  17. winson Says:

    Thanks for the sharing. I believe all the readers here benefit from your sharing.

  18. Patsy Says:

    I am an older female close to 70 and I started taking biotin 10,ooo mcg twice daily in Nov. 2012 because my hair had not grown very much in a year. I could not believe how much my hair grows and my nails are fast growing and quite strong! I have ordered 7,500 mcg when I next run out. I believe if there were any side effects or overdose I should have experienced them. I hope to continue to take biotin but possibly a lesser dose in the future. My skin does seem to be some better but it never was real bad like my hair and nails. Hope this helps.

  19. ShannonCG Says:


    I’m a 23 year young African American female, maintain a healthy height/weight ratio, and I also workout. So, I’ve just recently begun my “natural hair journey”… my hair is very short, like a mini fro’, and it grows pretty slow. I’ve been googling biotin and recommended dosages, and I felt comfortable enough to purchase an over the counter bottle of “natures bounty super potency biotin” it’s 5000 mcg and I’m on day 3. My goal is to grow longer/stronger hair and have healthier skin and nails. I realize that I should consult a physician about this, but I’d much like to hear about anyone’s experience who is similar to me (or not) and has taken this dosage… And what would the recommended dosage be for someone like me? (I figured I’d begin with 5000 and then go down from there)

  20. Linda Says:

    I just started taking Biotin this week and I am anxious to see results. I started taking it for my hair and nails. My hair has been coming out a lot due to surgery and medication and my nails have always been a problem for me, peeling, thin etc..Does anyone know if Biotin effects your liver in any way? Would love to hear from you…

  21. breanna Says:

    i got my hair cut a while back and the person didnt do a very good job. my hair grows really slow so i went and bought biotin. i now take 5000 mcg pills, probably 3-10 a day. ive been eating them like candy for prob at least 2 months without any prob. figured i should check for side effects tho.

  22. Jennifer Says:

    WoW! Any more than 4 at 5000 mcg… that seems extreme. I have seen good results from taking 2 (to 3 once in awhile)at 5000mcg each. I have been to the E.R. twice for pain in my chest. Also, have stomach issues every day but have just dealt with that. I have had none of this prior to beginning the Biotin. They found nothing to be heart related. So I am still taking it. Still have the chest pain …thinking it could possibly be the pill is causing me heartburn or some sort of G.I. problem but since it is not life threatening I am just dealing with this…. my mother has very noticeable thinning hair on the top of her scalp and I am doing my best to fight this part of the aging process. I exercise every day and used to run but now elliptical due to a knee surgery, I eat fairly healthy 90% of the time. Don’t smoke or drink but maybe a couple times a year. I am 45 and very active with my 5 grandchildren. (just so you all don’t think I am some nut who doesn’t care about my health or am unhappy in my life.) However, if I continue to see a rise in pain or some other side effect surfaces I will have no choice but to discontinue the Biotin Pill.

  23. Breanna Says:

    I decided i wanted to try biotin because my hair is severly damaged, thin and brittle. I have been taking biotin for about three months. I started with a very low dose once a day. I didn’t see much of a difference after about a month so I upped the dosage. Took two 1000 mcg once a day and started seeing results! Noticed my brown roots coming in quicker…..dying every two/three weeks now! Nails are also growing out faster and I’ve noticed a slightly higher metabolism. Always a plus 😉 after I ran out of my last bottle, I bought the 10,000 mcg with 100 mg of keratin and im.loving it, but slightly worried it’s too large of an amount, but can’t back it down because im seeing serious results! Woo!

  24. Becca Says:

    I’ve been taking Biotin for over 3 years now. I’ve stayed at 10,000 mcg (10 mg) for this time. I’m on prescribed medications that weaken my nails and can cause my hair to fall out. Biotin has helped greatly and I’ve had no side effects attributed to it. I have always taken it with a dairy product such as yogurt or milk – with my meds too – which helps coat my stomach. I’ve never had heartburn, chest pain, etc from it. In my case, I’ve had no problems with taking it for this extended period of time. I regularly get blood work for my liver and kidney function. All healthy and not impacted by biotin. While technically I’ve been taking a higher than recommended dose, or overdose, I’m 3 years out and quite happy (healthy too!) with biotin.

  25. p... Says:

    of course it does . who are these airheaded know nothing about anything . if you are fat pre diabetic and have GERD , have kidney and liver problems stay away from biotin or too many vitamins in the B class. too many… lower insulin sensitivity . Affinity to sugar, you become eating more junk, eye floaters, mostly cause by liver damage and liver malfunctions. Constipation. Weight gain and weakness and if you have high level of estradiol they are phytoestrogen basics.. do not believe many of these doctors who rely on stupid research conducted on animals who have nothing in common– not enough evidence to prove that their validity is accurate .and not enough time to prove that most vitamins or even FDA approved drugs are safe to take for a long period of time that it depends one case by case . do not believe most doctors who push drugs — the more they hook you on something the more their pay check go up –
    copy paste and remember what I said
    stay away from dht blockers once you deactivate your alpha reductase you are entering euthanasia
    do not believe any research that tells you to take dht blockers is good for your prostate. Free testosterone and alpha reductase are the backbone of almost every organ of your body
    lastly and not least stay away from minoxidil is the worst thing for your body == it is the gateway for diabetes eye problems and skin damage and cell death be very careful

    ask a person with a flawless logic who researched it all based on experience rather than those who claim knowledge
    im not a doctor but you can ask me—my subjective truth, about health before anyone else

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