Gelatin for hair growth

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No matter how nice you dress and how well you take care of your skin, it won’t be perfect if you do not have nice and healthy looking hair. You probably think grooming the hair should be good enough to solve the problem. But grooming cannot play the magic on flimsy, brittle and dull-looking hair. Only strong and shinny hair can make you look perfect and attractive.

While your genes have largely determined the quality of your hair, there is still something you can do to make your hair look nice and healthy. Try Gelatin!!!

Yes, it is the gelatin you use to make jelly, mousse cake and pudding. Basically, gelatin is made from the collagen being found in the skin and bones of animals or fish by-product. There is also seaweed-based gelatin called agar-agar. It is a good source of the protein called keratin, which you can find a lot in the hair. Keratin is mainly made up of dead cells. Its main purpose is to offer a protective outmost layer in the hair so as to make the hair strong. The same protective layer also allows the new hair cells underneath to grow well.

Choices to keep your hair beauty:

  1. Consume food being high in gelatin content. Some examples are jelly, pudding, marshmallows, yogurts, canned meats, low-fat margarine etc.
  2. Gelatin powder packed in sachet is also available over the drug counters. You can simply dissolve the gelatin powder in your hot drinks for daily consumption.
  3. Gelatin supplements and pills are sold at health food stores. Different brands may carry different dosage. Usual consumption guide is twice daily.
  4. Shampoo and conditioners with gelatin are good choice for promoting your hair growth.

Gelatin gives you a good source of keratin. The more keratin in your body, the stronger and healthier your hair can grow. Why not choose a way today to trial out the gelatin miracle?

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