Glovers mane hair growth

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Glover is a brand of hair products suited for various conditions of the hair. Currently Glover’s lines of products include Glovers, Glover’s Mane, and Glover’s Dandruff. Most Glover’s products are medically proven to reduce flaky, itchy and dry scalp. Through its breakthrough ingredients, Glover’s hair products claims to even penetrate the “most difficult hair” to heal the scalp into its state of balance.

Glover’s Mane

The word “mane is derived from the term mane from the horses, inspired into making Glover’s Mane. Of course, a horse’s mane is soft, silky and full, therefore Glover’s Mane is made that way on your hair for fuller hair growth. many consumers of this product have provide valuable testimonies, claiming that it is rich and powerful, and hair growth can be achieved at a faster rate for as short as two weeks. although glover’s mane is no long available in the market, it is still available for online purchasing through the internet. Glover’s mane has also been branded as “good ole” hair growth method, although not so popular in the modern hair care industry.


Several customers of this product have mentioned about its subtle and pungent smell of Sulphur, which ironically is an important component for hair growth in Glover’s Mane. Some consumers eventually bowed out, citing the smell as “offensive”, and comparing the product to using “Vaseline” on the hair. Other complaints would include the extensive thickness and greasiness of the texture, and some had experience falling hair or more dandruff than usual. Some users have also tried using Glover’s Mane with essential oils as it is claimed to be able to reduce the pungent smell.

Generally to say, Glover’s Mane does excel in terms of lasting results of fuller and thicker hair growth. However as the market for the hair care industry expands, so do the competitors and the demand for more sophisticated products emerge. Therefore it is not purely recommended that Glover’s Mane is to be a stand out from the rest.

37 Responses to “Glovers mane hair growth”

  1. Shareese Lowe Says:

    Do you know where the glovers mane products can be purchased? I live in western NY.

  2. Sydney Says:

    Hey Shareese, i live in western Ny also (Buffalo) and I have found some Glovers mane at Sally’s Beauty Supply and this store called Big Daddy’s

  3. joan Nassar Says:

    Try Beauty supply stores mostly those that sell wigs and other products geared toward Black people hair care. In Bridgeport ct Try Amazon marketplace

  4. denean roberson Says:

    Hi Shareese, there is a beauty supply store I go to that sells glovers mane products. I was reading up on the product, deciding if I wanted to use it. My mom used it in my hair in the 60’s. and she said it grew my hair back. I live in Ill.

  5. Denise Says:

    Where can I buy Glovers Mane in Illinois?

  6. sirina Says:

    my hair is so sort in the middle of my head i would like to make it grow.

  7. crystalnga Says:

    My family in Maryland has been using glover’s mane since the 40’s, I now live in Georgia and I can’t find the oil to use with our hair grease for my daughter who has long soft hair, but has also inherited her daddy’s receding hairline. I’ve found the shampoo in beauty supply stores, but not the oil product.

  8. winson Says:

    Let me try to ask my sponsor link about the Glover mane product marketed in Georgia, maybe they have other source or nearby cities.

  9. mudbone Says:

    Any where in Cleveland, Ohio?

  10. tiki michelle neal Says:

    i live in staten island ny..ive been using glovers mane on my hair since i was a i cant find the product anywhere..can some one help me locate 1 within the 5 boroughs……..thanks.

  11. winson Says:

    Let me contact the supplier and revert to you. Alternatively you can google the supplier to get the exact address too if it is nearby you.

  12. Get Solar Power Says:

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  13. judy Says:

    I am looking for the mange care pruducts can I order them? Live in N calif.

  14. tiki michelle neal Says:

    just purchased the glovers mane..but its so different from when i remember has a really nice smell,and it says for dandruff and itchy scalp…is it the same as glovers mane hair grease??

  15. Maria Says:

    Where can find Glovers Mane Oil, in or around woodlawn Md

  16. Maria Says:

    Where can i find Glovers Mane Oil, in or around woodlawn Md area? Is it a product that’s sold online only?

  17. winson Says:

    Most of the product recommended here is sold online

  18. brittany Says:

    I live in boston, Ma, where can I buy Glovers Mane products?

  19. nikki Says:

    where can i purchase glovers mane oil and what is the name of the website to purchase it online

  20. ciara watson Says:

    Where can I purchase glovers mane oil online

  21. winson Says:

    Try google “glovers mane oil”, normally I can find it in Wallmart.

  22. jacqueline staples Says:

    Everyone on this site has information about how the Glovers Mane made their hair grow except where it can be purchased. No one has a definate location or an on line address where this product can be purchased. therefore, no need to post that it made your hair grow if you can’t supply the correct info.!!!

  23. winson Says:

    I also tried to help the visitors here by emailing the supplier of Glovers Mane product, but it seems that they never reply email or rather they leave it to their distributors.

  24. Stephanie Says:

    I don’t know if this will help you any, but I purchase my Glovers from Goldenmart Beauty Supply, online. I’m not a “shill” for their site, or anything, it’s just in my area, finding “ethnic” hair care products is like finding a needle in a haystack. So I have to order my products online. Anyway, here’s the link:

  25. april monique Says:

    Ive found it at the foreign beauty supplies like the chinese beauty stores ,,,,,,,,,Or the old drug stores i used it in the nineties while in college…..

  26. april monique Says:

    Someone said to try Walmart I have to c to believe it.

  27. april monique Says:

    Sulfur Eight grease comes close but does not have enough sulfur in it………..

  28. Nia Says:

    Glovers Mane, I see all the time, but those of you, who are having trouble, you can find it on good ole’ amazon or try Google…. But I been using Sulfar 8 grease and it has worked wonders for me, especially when you mix it with Wild Grow, and u can always buy sulfar capsules and add it to your sulfar 8 grease…. oh my next adventure is shapely MTG…

  29. nicole mcclain Says:

    i am proud consumer of Glovers Mane and it has been used in my family hair for many years and it has grown our hair and I refer this great stuff to everybody I know I love It

  30. Kiera Says:

    I have seen the glovers oil but not the glovers mane oil and stuff my aunt use the stuff that smelled bad to grow her hair and it grew fast but it was years ago she cnt even find it so where is the tht glovers mane stuff tht stink but it made her hair grow fast so if u kno where to get it please tell

  31. winson Says:

    When I tried to google “buy glovers mane oil”, it shows some online purchase sites, e.g.

    It depends on where you stay, one of the forumer informed that she can purchase at Sally’s Beauty Supply and this store called Big Daddy’s in Western NY.

  32. Lavella Says:

    I found several Glover’s Mane products at “”

    Select the “beauty” department, and type in “Glover’s Mane”… A long list should pop up.

  33. Yonni Says:

    Hey, I love glovers…i mix it in pine tar hair growth hair grease. U have a new glovers floral scent that smells reallyyy good.this was a great idea. My daughter hair is growing like weeds. Thank u

  34. Shirl Says:

    I live in Dallas where can I find the Glover’s mane to grew my a portion of my hair back.

  35. Ro Says:

    glad for this conversation because my hair fell out bad and I’m on medication plus diabetic. Help please.


  36. A J.F Says:

    I live in New. Orleans, Louisiana. Still can purchase,still can purchase in almost beauty supply store here.

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