How to grow chest hair fast

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Research showed that more than 70% of women would appreciate the luscious chest hair of men. Moreover, chest hair is generally also taken as a sexual characteristic. Probably these may be the reasons why there are some men who would love to know the ways to grow their chest hair.

Surely different men may have different growth rate for the chest hair and that is mostly determined by the body genes. For example, men from the Middle East usually have thicker and coarser hair then Asian men.

Although the gene has played a major role, there are still ways to promote faster chest hair growth.

A proper diet with good amount of protein is fundamental but important to achieve better hair growth because hair is primarily made up of protein. You are suggested to consume protein as much as 30 percent of your daily diet. A good protein source includes meat, fish, soy, beans and diary goods.

Another essential element is regular exercise. It does not only help increase blood circulation and send the required nutrients and oxygen for the chest hair to grow. Exercise also helps improve basal body functions such as healthy hair growth. The best is to exercise 20 minutes a day.

Pamper your chest everyday by means of regular massage. The circular motion of massage helps move the nutrients to the hair follicles. For better and faster result, you can apply some eucalyptus oil to the chest for massage. The oil helps activate the hair follicles to absorb the nutrients more efficiently making the hair follicles grow hair more quickly. Massage your chest twice daily to achieve the best result.

Nowadays, most people live with hectic lifestyle. The high stress actually can inhibit hair growth. Stay calm and live a healthy life. It is important to learn how to relax and always maintain a peaceful mind. One important method to reduce stress is to sleep for a minimum of seven hours a day.

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