Liquid biotin

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Liquid biotin as its name suggests, is a water soluble vitamin. This vitamin is from the B complex group and acts as a carrier for carbon dioxide in the body respiratory system. it is also sometimes referred to as Vitamin H. the biochemical compound acts as the carrying agent for carbon dioxide in the pyruvate carboxylic reaction, where biotin is linked to the epsilon – amino group of a lysine residue in the enzyme.

The consistent and healthy growth rate of an individual depends a lot on the metabolic rate of the individual and how the biotin element can assist in this area. Liquid biotin helps to prevent fatigue, depression, nausea, muscle pains, hair loss, and anemia. Though it is a rare predicament to be in the lack of biotin in the body system can have long term repercussions. Some of the contributing reasons for this deficiency are the long term consumption of antibiotics and raw egg whites.

Liquid biotin is also good when it comes to addressing the quality and nails of an individual. This product promises to support and promote the health conditions of both the hair and nails which are usually the first body parts to suffer when there is a lack of any supplement the body needs. Thus in taking liquid biotin according to the recommended dosage both the hair and nails of an individual can reach its optimum lustrous conditions.

Some quarters have made claims that keeping a regiment of biotin consumption can favorable effect the receding hair line problems or baldness. It is also touted as being able to decrease muscle pain and depression while also addressing any possible dermatitis conditions. However all these added claims have to date not been credited with the adequate medical endorsements, thus these claims can be considered unsubstantiated.

Some of the ingredients found in the liquid biotin product include natural venerable glycerin, catalyst altered water, biotin bee pollen, alfalfa, parsley, kelp and rosehips.

2 Responses to “Liquid biotin”

  1. Tonia Baker Says:

    I am taking Isotonix multi vitamins, b complex, and a monthly b-12 shot. I am a bariatic patient and have been told that biotin can help reduce hair loss. Can taking this liquid biotin cause too much in my system with all the other supplements I am taking?

  2. winson Says:

    I suppose you need to consult with your doctor before taking these combination of vitamins. The liquid biotin only helps to reduce hair loss. Hope this helps.

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