Sulfur 8 and hair growth

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Over the years many people have used sulfur 8 for various reasons, but the main reasons are to promote healthy hair growth while addressing the dandruff problem scalp conditions.

This particular product, sulfur 8 contains some rather unusually strong compounds which would normally cause people to shun away from using it on a regular basis. However those who have tried the sulfur 8 products attest to its effectiveness and quality. Sulfur 8 contains petrolatum, mineral oil, alcohol, and sulfates. As these combinations are thought to stunt hair growth, such problems don’t exist with the use of sulfur 8.

Dandruff and other severe hair problems usually lead to the individual having to use rather strong treatments to combat the problems. This in turn causes the hair growth to be effected and not in a positive way. Thus when a product like sulfur 8 becomes available with no apparent adverse effects, a market demand for the product is instantly created.

Sulfur 8 products are medicated to scientifically treat and heal problem scalp conditions by repairing the scalp surface, reducing the itch, ridding the hair of dandruff, and moisturizing the hair and scalp. The sulfur 8 line consists of a variety of products that cater to a variety of needs. These include shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, creams, braid sheens, dandruff treatments, and serums couples with hair grease. The hair grease product is the most popular because it addresses the issue of hair growth. The oils, moisturizers and conditioners it contains is the reason why the hair manages to stay nourished and hence the renewed hair growth conditions.

There have been cases where the sulfur 8 line of product are used to treat even more severe scalp problems like ring worm and hair lice.

Because of the strong ingredients used to make up the product, the somewhat unpleasant odor from using this line can be quite off putting even though the product itself is effective.

2 Responses to “Sulfur 8 and hair growth”

  1. Leah Says:

    Yes , sulfur 8 has shown a tremendous change in my hair. It has helped the itching and dandruff and even triggered some growth. It has also made my thick hair a lot more manageable and I absolutely love these results ! :)

  2. Brittany Johnson Says:

    I agree with you, Leah! This product is so worth it (I kid you not) My hair has stopped falling off and I have a “problem spot” that itches and is WAY shorter than the rest of my hair. When I put Sulfur8 on my scalp, it began tingling and after about two months of using this miracle in a yellow container, my hair (the problem spot AND the rest of my hair) has grown. The smell is strong, but you’ll get used to it. I no longer have those sessions of me patting the hell out of my itchy scalp

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